Q: When is my child's school picture day?

A: Contact your child's preschool director or call 757-719-4460

Q: How do I make sure that my child will participate in picture day?

A: About a week before picture day, you will receive a short questionaire that will need to be filled out in order for

your child to participate in picture day.  A copy of this will be sent home with your child after portraits day.

Q: Can siblings be photographed together and separately? 

A: Yes, Please inform your preschool director if you would like sibling photos 




Q: What should my child wear

A: Dress your child comfortably.  Button down shirts and polo shirts with khakis or jeans work well for boys.  Jumpers, dresses and skirts or nice jeans paired with a blouse look nice for little girls.  Hats and other accessories can also be included.  Please remember to send extra clothes if you do not want your child wearing his/her 'picture day' clothes all day. Avoid character and sports shirts and outfits (Disney, Cars, Sports teams, etc.)

Q: What about my child's hair?

A:  The photographer will smooth flyaway strands of hair, but please be sure to style your child's hair in a way that will at least be preserved through the first 2 hours of the day (use gel, spray, or ponytail styles with clips and bows if needed). Feel free to send a comb or brush.

Q: How many backgrounds/poses

A: Each child will have at least 3 poses that you will be able to choose from.  Also, a class picture will be taken. There will be a single background and theme for each year. This year's background theme is chevron gray. Please feel free to email suggestions for the photographer to consider for following years to 


Q: Will I receive proofs? When?

A: Yes, your proofs will will be available to view 

online within a private viewing gallery approximately one week after your child's portraits are taken. The password and link will be sent home with your child.

Q: How much are prints?

A: Prints start at $15 dollars, however the price of individual prints is lowered significantly when purchased as part of a package. Packages start at $25.

Q: Can I purchase High Resolution images?

A: You may purchase High Resolution images individually, as a package, or added onto a package for a discounted rate.

Q: How will I place my order?

Images will be available to order for 2 weeks following online proof release.   All orders will be place directly from the online gallery, and will be mailed directly to the address that you provide (digital products will be available for download immediately).  If you do not have access to the internet, or if you are having trouble ordering, please call 757-719-4460 during regular business hours, or email the photographer at

Q: I don't have internet access. Can I still order?

Yes! SL Hunter Photography will work with your preschool to provide a viewing and ordering session for anyone who does not have access to the internet.