If you are looking for a photographer that will give you some nice digital images to post on Facebook, or to print at your local supermarket, then SL Hunter Photography is probably not right for you.  On the other hand, if you are searching for a photographer that creates beautiful heirloom artwork for your home, then SL Hunter Photography can give you an unparalleled experience.  My goal, not as merely a photographer, but as a portrait artist, is simple: To create

breathtaking, high end wall art for your home that is composed beautifully and printed expertly onto modern or classic media.  


You see, portraiture is not just ‘photography’.  It is an moment frozen in time.  It is magical, and precious, and beautiful and irreplaceable all at the same time.  When you look at it, proudly displayed on your wall, when you look at your family, every reason why you love them more than life itself should come rushing back to you, even during the hardest of times.  As your youngest goes off to college, the canvas masterpiece in the hallway of him as a tiny, 5 day old newborn should bring tears of joy and pride.  The picture of you and your sweetheart, young and in love with your first one on the way should transport you back in time to that very moment, how you were so excited and nervous at the same time to go from just Mr. and Mrs. to Daddy and Mommy.  That big adorable one year old smile, the endless 4 year old curiosity, the shy, but sweet 9 year old expressions, all the way to the confident and climatic blossom of your young adult ready to leave the nest…All of these moments deserve so much more than to be lost on Facebook, stored on a disc forever, or printed unceremoniously at a supermarket.  These moments are life, and life is art…let me harness these moments for you.


Why do I run my studio the way that I do?

There are two pieces of portraiture that mean a lot to me. The first hangs on a wall in my parents’ home. It’s a portrait of my parents, myself (about 6 at the time) my little brother (about 3) and my little sister (about 1). The portrait is done in typical 90’s fashion, where everyone is looking slightly to the left. What is special about this particular 20x24 wall portrait, is that it is actually hand-painted. Someone actually took the time to make sure that what could have just been a snapshot, albeit a nice snapshot, was turned into a beautiful piece of art that will forever be etched in my mind. My mother told me once that if the house were on fire, and she could only take one material item, that would be it.

The second is a portrait of myself, my son and my husband. My baby boy is only 5 days old, and as I kiss him on the head, my husband, Kyle, kisses my forehead. The emotion in this image is something that I cannot express very well in words, but when I look at it hanging over my couch in the living room I can remember the love that escalated between me and my husband the moment our child was born, I can remember holding my baby not in my arms, but in my hands, because he was so tiny. It is still my work of art.