How far in advance should I schedule?

Because I only take a limited number of clients per month, I recommend scheduling between 2 months and 6 months in advance. However, I always do my very best to get everyone in, regardless of when you choose to schedule.

What is your photographic style?

You can likely tell from looking at my portfolio on this website that my style is simple, organic, and natural. I do not use a huge number of props, because I don’t want them to be the focus of the image. The props that I use are placed specifically to tell a story of the child, or to enhance a portrait, rather than make it. I love to shoot images that will make a bold statement in black and white, and you will see from time to time I use textures as well. The specific lighting I use for my images on a black or white background is designed to make my images ‘glow’, and I like to show strong family connections with these portraits. I also like to capture raw emotion in children, whether they are smiling, pondering, or serious. I do not employ the infamous and horrible ‘cheese’ technique, but instead I learn each child’s personality, and then capture that personality in a wide range of emotions. Every photographer, like any artist, has a unique and recognizable style. Take a moment to observe my photographic style before your consultation.


Final images are delivered in a combination of color and black and white images.  If there is a color image that you would like to see in black and white, I would be happy to provide that for you.  I do not, however provide color prints of those that I have chosen as black and white.  I choose images as black and white because certain elements in the picture are distracting, when it comes to color.  I also do not do re-edits. My final images are representative of my style, and every edit is purposeful.

How many final images will I have to choose from?

Although you will see me snapping away hundreds of pictures throughout your session, rest assured that I will choose between 30-50 images that have the perfect light, expressions, and overall composition for you to choose from. Mini Sessions have 10-15 final images.

What if I don’t have room in my home to set up a studio?

You would be amazed at how little space I need to set up my portable studio! I have never run into an issue of space, but in the unlikely event that this becomes an issue, there are other options we can discuss.

How long does it take you to edit my images after the session?

It takes me about 3 weeks to edit a session

How long will it be before I receive my art order?

Depending on your order, your product should arrive between 2 and 4 weeks.  Most products will arrive in 2 weeks

Can I get a discount if I refer a friend?

Absolutely!  I will share my referral program with you the day that I deliver your artwork.


Who holds the copyrights to the photos from my session?

It is a trade standard that the photographer and the photography company will own all rights to all photos taken.  In some circumstances, clients may be given limited reproduction rights. 

Do you have props?

I have some props, and I encourage parents to bring props as well to create images and artwork that are meaningful to each family

I have 5 kids, and my parents live with us too, do you charge extra for big families?

No! I do not charge extra for large families.

I would like our dog to be in the portrait, do you charge extra for that?

No! I will do my best to get your pet in at least some of the portraits, although I cannot make any promises as pets are sometimes just not having it!


Belly sessions

Can you remove dark skin patches and stretch marks as a result of pregnancy?

 I can soften these effects of pregnancy, and I do not charge.  I will not, however, remove them without your permission, and I will not ask whether you want them removed.  Please let me know before, during, or at the end of your session.

How soon should I schedule my maternity session?

The sooner the better. The best time for maternity pictures is in the late 7th or early to mid 8th month.  Schedule as soon as you are sure you want maternity pictures.