Couture Kids sessions, like all of my sessions, are designed with the end product in mind. The end product is always tangible: an archivable print, a fine art wall piece, or a keepsake album.  The end product is never online prints nor is it digital negatives, though you may have both of these included in you package.  As you may have noticed, Couture Kid sessions are not as inclusive product-wise like my baby sessions and my 'shortie' sessions.  As your photographer and your artist, it is very important to me that your images are exactly what you want, and I achieve this level of personalization through in-person consultations for session planning and also for viewing/ordering (The Reveal). 

Packages start at $300 and typical spending, including session fee, for this type of session ranges from $400-$1000, depending on the final products you would like.  There is a minimum product purchase amount of $150 for each session. 

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Full Session 1.5 hour  



Half Session 45 minutes 



Micro Session 20 minutes