Hello families! I know that this is way overdue, but I appreciate your patience while I get all my ducks in a row—I want to make sure we do this right!


I am so grateful that all of you are so eager to participate in this project! The support for this has blown me away and the hospital will be forever grateful! I read so many of your stories with tears in my eyes and I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!


So, I am sure you have some questions, such as why, when, where, what, and how much will this cost? Don’t worry, I had the same list of questions when I started the project that is already completed in Mother-Baby WMC (2014) so let me see if I can answer…



I know that I do not need to tell any of you that a little bit of hope and a little bit of light goes a long way. Whether you are in the NICU or Peds Wing, you have a little one and that little one is sick beyond what you can do to help them.  Faces on the wall of children who have overcome can give much-needed strength to individuals who are enduring this difficult path in parenting—your child’s smile is going to give hope to families who are going through a storm! In addition to providing hope to parents of patients, these images will provide encouragement to staff.  Many have already approached me to tell me how much joy, light and love the faces of the babies in Mother-Baby WMC has given to nurses, aides, and physicians working early mornings, late nights, and in varying circumstances.  Having been a parent with a very sick child, I can fully appreciate how much this will mean to those who will no longer have to look at empty walls.  



This project is actually two separate projects—one will be for the NICU Unit as well as the staff hallway (if we have enough participants), and the other will be for the Pediatric Wing and Hallway.  This part is important: If your child is between the ages 0-3 years old, He/She/They will participate in the NICU-specific project.  Their first name, as well as the number of days they spent in the NICU, will be displayed publicly.  If your child is 3.5-16 years old, He/She/They will participate in the Pediatric Project. All models will need to have a model release (Provided by SL Hunter Photography) 



The photographs for the NICU project will have a common theme and will take place in my studio on Cameron St throughout the rest of 2019.  The Pediatric Project will take place 2019-2020 and will be in various locations around town. It will have a storybook/fairytale theme (Click here, for example, Alice Theme)


I am donating my time and talent as well as most of the props for this project, but as much as I wish I could, I cannot afford to purchase the actual artwork for the hospital. This is what the fee of 125 will go towards.  All funds collected for this project will be tracked separately from funds used by SL Hunter Photography, and as such I will collect all funds as a check (preferably) upon booking mailed directly to my studio.  I will discuss with the hospital whether these funds are tax-deductible (I cannot promise they will be, as I am not a non-profit entity, but if we can show that they go towards WMC Foundation, they may be).  At any rate, I appreciate your participation in this project, both timewise and financially and I will absolutely provide to you four things as a thank you: 1) a beautiful printed version of what will hang in the hospital wall, 2) the full resolution digital file to match that print, 3) a $50 certificate to come back and see me, and finally, 4) a deep sense of joy and satisfaction as you and your child gift hope to where it’s needed most.

Finally, as I am only one person I welcome any help that I can get with this project, whether assisting the shoots, planning backdrops, answering emails, legal or administrative volunteers that can communicate with the hospital and/or press, or perhaps even planning an unveiling. Please let me know if you would be interested in assisting this project in any way, or if you have connections that may help. I also will be looking for locations (farms, streams, etc.)



Here are the days that will be available for the above sessions. Please remember NICU sessions are open for children aged 0-3 while PEDS sessions are open to ages 3-16. If you sign up for a session, please make every effort to keep that appointment! We are on a timeline and I am blocking out these times in my schedule specifically for this project. Thank you so much for being respectful of these things! 



NICU: 11th 10-12AM 3 S Cameron St


NICU: 17th 12-2PM 3 S Cameron St




NICU:29th 2-4PM 3 S Cameron St---THIS DATE IS FULL







PEDS 14th Time TBD location TBD

NICU: 12th 9-12AM 3 S Cameron St




 NICU: 15th 12-2PM 3 S Cameron St





PEDS 10th 2-4PM location TBD


LAST NICU DATE: 19th 12-2PM 3 S Cameron St



PEDS Date/Time/Location TBD (By December 2019)



PEDS Date/Time/Location TBD (By December 2019)


PEDS Date/Time/Location TBD (By December 2019)



PEDS Date/Time/Location TBD (By December 2019)



PEDS Date/Time/Location TBD (By December 2019)