Several years ago, I produced the image above for my son, who struggled with confidence and expressing himself. The image of the great lion behind his little self signified strength from within, the strength that I saw every day.  I cherish this image and for the last four years, I have been trying to
decide when the perfect time would be to release these sessions. After 2020, I decided that kids could use a little magic in their lives, and for the first time EVER I am offering beautiful, digitally altered reality portraits for kids at an introductory rate for Black Friday! This year's theme is majestic animals, and a selection of and animal (to include lions, polar bears, foxes, owls, and a few others) will be digitally and seamlessly added during post processing. Due to the time and talent that it takes to produce these images, only one final image is included in the package digitally, along with one print, but you are welcome to purchase additional prints and digital products through the web interface that will be available within your gallery, and you are welcome to purchase specialty wall art products through me.


Number of Children



Limited Time/Availability for sessions

(Jan-May Weekend morning only. Snow sessions are first come first serve)


Reality |altered| Sessions 

$100 (plus tax)(Black Friday through Cyber Monday)

$150 (plus tax) (after Cyber Monday)  

up to 2 Children Aged 6 months-12 years 

20 min outdoor shooting time

8 final images (4 with altered reality

Online print ordering

1 5x7 print plus digital file

1 Digital File for print


Number of Children