What is a Couture session?

Designed to create a one-of-a-kind experience for kids, Couture Sessions are tailored to each child from start to finish.  The sessions have a high emphasis on expression, fashion, personality, and each child's unique characteristics and interests in those areas.  These sessions work best when we allow the kids to be an intricate part of the planning process, and when we do not put any pressure on them about performance during the session.  Interestingly, many parents are surprised at how I work to persuade their kids NOT to smile, then are equally surprised at the amazing natural smiles and expressions we get as a result! Natural milestone ages (I call them 'Brink' ages, because they are right on the edge of drastic change) are the best time to book these sessions, and although every child is unique, I have found that there are general ages that work well. These ages are listed at the very bottom of this page. Siblings are welcome to join their booked Couture Kid under 'supporting role', but the best way to book multiple kids (and at the same time keep it special) is on yearly rotations--just one kid gets their own session with the starring role each year.    

How does this work?

After submitting the crucial questionnaire below, we begin with a consultation where together we select wardrobe, style and location, and talk about the final product in terms of artwork and prints. SL Hunter Photography has recommendations for locations (Ask about split studio/location sessions)
, and wardrobe. A professional hair designer is included in the cost of the session as well!   Enjoy a private reveal party at my downtown studio to view your session and place your art order!



A word about missing teeth, braces, and acne

Please do not let any of these things discourage you or your child from booking a session! In doing so, you rob yourself and your child of capturing a time that is fleeting and unique. A 12 year old with braces is so very different than a 14 year old, even if the braces do come off that year. You only get a couple months of that 6 year old's toothless grin...treasure it! Things like cuts, scrapes, acne and bruises are removed in post-processing, and things like birthmarks, permanent scars, beauty marks, and anything else that is a part of your child is left untouched...as it should be!  

I cannot stress enough how very important this questionnaire is!

These very specific questions help me get to know your child on a deeper level in the short amount of time that we will have together. It will also help them to relax with me so that I can get those authentic expressions. You can ask younger children these questions out loud, but for all ages, be very careful not to sway their answer or make them feel like their answer is not sufficient. How they answer these questions is just as important as what they say. If they do not want to say much, that is ok! If they want to write a book, that's ok too! This is a baseline to help us get to know one another as soon as we meet. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT 'NEXT' BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THE FORM--I NEED BOTH PARENT AND CHILD PORTIONS OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE !

Click Here for Couture Kids Questionnaire 

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'Brink' Ages

3 years-Last year of 'babyhood' 

4 years-full unbridled personality 

5 years-First year of school

7 years-First 'Big Kid' year

9 years-End of the single digits 

12 years-Tween

14 years-Fading childhood, beginning teen years

16 years- First Glimpse of a young adult

18 years-Last year of childhood 

Remember, this is a guideline and each child is unique...so perhaps any of the years in between!